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Travel Basketball Expectations
LYBA Travel Basketball Expectations: Message to Players and Parents

* Rule #1 - RESPECT for coaches, teammates, opponents, custodial staff, referees and parents.
* Coaches should be addressed using their last name (i.e. Coach Smith). When coaches are speaking, players are listening.
* Work hard and stay focused during practices.
* Be on time to practice. Wear a reversible shirt. Bring a ball and a water bottle to every practice. After practice, be sure to pick up empty bottles and trash.
* Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. We will congratulate the other team and thank the referees at the end of each game.
* There will be no trash-talking, chest-beating, taunting, fighting, or cursing on or off the court.
* Commitment.  Basketball is a winter sport.  If you are playing another sport and miss practices and games, LYBA reserves the right to demote you from the A team to the B team and promote a committed player from the B team. 
* There will be no talking back to coaches or referees or arguing calls on the court or from the bench.
* Only positive comments and encouragement from the bench. No criticizing or coaching teammates during games.
* Play clean, play hard, play with confidence and have fun!

* Support the team by attending games, cheering for our team, helping out with scoring and/or timekeeping, etc.
* Have the kids at practices and games on time and picked up on time.
* Use the league website for up-to-date information about practices and games. Coaches do not plan on sending out reminders.
* Inform coaches about games and practices that your child will miss as far in advance as possible.
* Commitment.  Please be honest in the registration about your child's level of commitment.  If they are participating in another sport or activity that will cause them to miss meaningful time, please tell us.  This has team formation implications.  LYBA reserves the right to demote an A team player with a 'soft' commitment to a B team in order to promote a fully committed player from a B team. 
* Be positive on the sidelines. There will be professional referees at each game, and they are generally very good, but they are bound to make some bad calls. They typically do not respond well to parents who are vocal in their criticism!

* You can expect coaches to treat your child with care and respect. Our general approach is to be positive and encouraging with the kids, but there are times when coaches will be strict with them. Our goal is to help your child become a better player as we build our team.
* Coaches will provide instruction regarding fundamental basketball skills and team concepts. If you have suggestions, or if you see things in games that we should be aware of, please let us know.
* We will do our very best to balance the playing time, and over the course of a game, the weekend, and the season the kids will get as close to equal playing time as we can manage. In 7th and 8th grade  A teams, playing time will likely not be equal—the league supports more merit-based play in these programs, more typical of middle school and high school programs which are around the corner. However, in those programs, the coaches are encouraged to make every effort to provide meaningful playing time for all players. Exceptions at all levels can be made by coaches for missing multiple practices or games (except for medical reasons) or for particular behavioral issues. During the last 4 minutes of a very close game, coaches may exercise their discretion in determining the 5 players who they believe will give the team the best chance to win that game.
* While we will work hard at improving, basketball is above all a fun game, and if your child is not having fun, please let the coaches know, and we’ll try and do something about it. We all want this to be a great experience for the kids, and we will do our best to make that happen.

Discipline Issues
If a situation develops that involves the conduct of a parent or player that is detrimental to the kids and the league, the coach will make a board member aware of the situation.  The league will deal with situations on an individual basis, and have the right to suspend or expel players or parents with no refunds.

Technical Fouls, or Equivalent (in coach's judgment)
First technical:  out for remainder of game.  If technical is 5th foul or after fifth foul, sit for first half of next game.   
Second technical. Remainder of game plus next game.  
Third technical. Remainder of game plus next two games.  Coach to notify boys or girls board.  Board has discretion to suspend player for longer, depending on severity. 
Fourth technical.  At least same as No. 3 with coach's discretion to (a) suspend for season or (b) take other game discipline (such as missing more than 2 games or playing very limited amount).  Regardless, coach will consult boys or girls board. Board may consider in making placement decision the subsequent season.

At any time after second technical, coach may warn player that subsequent technical (or equivalent behavior even if not called for it) will be grounds to suspend.   Coach has discretion to adjust playing time, including suspension, at any point based on inappropriate behavior whether or not it results in a technical.